Natural Ointments: Our Complete Box

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3 Dune Care Ointments

Dune Care provides an everyday natural and effective relief for damaged, irritated or burnt skin.

In this complete package, we provide the set you need from home to travel for a long-term care.

2 60ml jars for body and 1 40ml jar for local applications.

Apply 3 times / day - Up to 550 applications

49.99 (Free delivery)

Why You Will Love Using Dune Care:

A few words on our ingredients

Why it works

We dray potent herbs and soak them in olive oil for at least 21 days. This slow extraction process release the medicine properties of the herbs and provides us with the healing base to deal with inflammation, eczema, cold allergy, dry and cracked skin, burns and other skin irritations.

Using bees wax plays the role of a protective barrier for the skin from any kind of external stress factors. It hydrates the skin immediately and deeply, and it increases the elasticity. 

Lavender - helps against bacteria and fungi, detoxifies the skin

Tea tree - reliefs eczema and itchiness and has antibacterial properties

Salvia - stimulates cells reproduction, reduces and calms inflammation, protects the skin from bacteria and infections

Is it for me? 

Dune-Care ointment relieves skin burns and repairs the skin sores and lesions. 

The formula helps sooth itchiness, dryness and burns. It makes it a perfect complementary products for chronic skin incomforts resulting from eczema, cold allergies, cuts and inflammation.

Why it is 100% safe for everyday use

Why we love it

What skin type is it for

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