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Regenerating damaged skins with Bulgarian phytotherapy

For skin cells recovery and Skin Balance

Our Commitment

In our modern world, our skin faces many agressions. We rely on Bulgarian phytotherapy to promote skin healing, repair chronic damages and shield from oxidative and environmental stress — a perfect complex to protect exposed skins from premature aging.

Our Hero Skin Companion

An everyday highly protective reliever for cracked, burned and damaged skin.

Our Medical Advisor, Dr. G PAGES

Research Director, Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging (IRCAN)

"When our skin endures harsh conditions or chronic irritations, few products offer the repair and healing it needs. 

Dune Care, formulated with potent natural ingredients, provides immediate relief for severely damaged skin, healing burns and cracks in just days. 

Currently, Dune Care is undergoing clinical trials to assess its effectiveness in repairing the skin after cancer radiotherapy and preventing post-treatment lesions and dermatitis. A huge step forward for underserved patients."

What is Bulgarian phytotherapy?


Phytotherapy is a natural healing method that uses plants and herbs to improve skin health.


Our phytotherapeutic formulas are made from powerful medicinal herbs, grown and extracted by hand in Bulgaria. These preparations help treat various skin problems.


We complement our body's ability to heal itself thanks to a little help from nature and complementary emotional and mental self-care.

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Made With The Highest Quality Bulgarian Herbs

A Proven Potency

Bulgarian herbs have carved out their reputation for strength, potency and healing capacity, making them the superheroes of the herb world. 

— A internationally-recognized standard for phytotherapeutic quality and efficiency. 

An Ideal Environment

Bulgarian herbs benefit from a uniquely balanced climate, with a combination of sunny days, cool evenings, and nutritious soil. 

Grown in rocky areas, they build up a robust and potent profile — Bulgaria own secret recipe for herbal excellence.

A Dedicated Grower

We entrust the skilled hands of Bulgarian farmers and growers, who lovingly cultivate these medicinal herbs with ancestral wisdom. 

They pour their heart and soul in ensuring only the finest and most potent herbs make their way to our lives.

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"a unique product"

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